About Arun Narake Foundation

  • Arun Narake Foundation (NGO) To inspire, prepare and empower the disadvantaged sections of the society, the poor and the aspiring youth to succeed in a changing world.
  • To always be at the forefront to raise the standard of living of common people through education and other social activities.

If you want to sprout, bloom and blossom like green plants in the garden of life, you must be willing to sow yourself, because those who sow with passion and self-sacrifice will flourish. Good character emerges and when character is nurtured, ‘light pillars of ideals’ are created to show the right direction to the society, that’s why ‘Arun Narke Foundation’ (NGO) was launched in the year 1994 in the land of Rajarshi Shahu, who has a bright tradition of sacrifice, rituals and bravery for building a bright nation. .

Arun Narake Saheb is known throughout Maharashtra as a sage in the fields of agriculture, dairying, cooperatives and sports. Respected Arun Narake Saheb has been making his varied contributions in these fields for more than five decades. Arun Narke Foundation (NGO) was established on 29th November 1994 by Arun Narke Saheb and his family with the noble intention of establishing a charitable organization that contributes to the social sector and thereby spread the work of people’s progress on a large scale on every front of social life on the occasion of Arun Narke Saheb’s 50th birthday. The founder of the institute Mr. Arun Narke, the chairman of the institute Mr. Ramchandra Patankar, Mr. Ravindra Uberoi, Mr. P.T. Under the leadership of Patil, the organization gradually flourished.

Highly educated and having experience of working in large organizations globally, Mr. Chetan Arun Narke Saheb is now holding the post of President of Arun Narke Foundation (NGO) with great enthusiasm, his sensitivity towards society, accurate financial analysis, constant drive to solve problems and hope for innovation will surely lead to further development and expansion of the organization.

In this foundation of Azmitis Rajarshi Shahu in Karveer Nagari, more than 4650 students from common farmer families, urban and rural areas have realized their dream of entering administrative service from the competitive examination department, and more than 7,00,000 (seven lakh) beneficiaries have benefited till date from the various social and educational services of the foundation. Yes, we sincerely feel that this is the foundation’s service work.

To build a prosperous India with the motivation of social commitment, philanthropy, blood donation camp, Gadkot fort conservation, cleanliness drive, Kindergarten project, competitive exam training, distribution of school materials to slum children, HIV positive, destitute women, third class, Arun Narke Foundation has been doing social work continuously for the past 27 years through various social activities such as distribution of essential items to flood victims and old age homes, free health check-up, psychological counselling, self-defense camp for girls under women empowerment, awareness street theater, tree plantation.

Since the establishment of the organization till date, the social welfare work has been going on continuously and this social work will continue continuously with new ideas and initiatives.

Characteristics of the organization

  • Latest information about employment recruitment advertisement at one place
  • Skilled expert guide
  • Exam Oriented Practice Tests
  • Library facility and book sale center at reasonable prices
  • Spacious and independent study
  • Career and Personality Development Workshop
  • Facilitation of e-learning, digital classroom
  • Free career guidance for 10th, 12th and graduation students
  • Guidance from successful students and government officials
  • Free Various Competitive Exam Interview Practice
  • Independent YouTube channel for free lectures, seminars
  • Social learning through various social activities